Do You Need a Tax Lawyer?

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You might think that scrambling to find a tax lawyer in Sacramento is only necessary if you are in big trouble with the Internal Revenue Service, on the brink of facing jail time, or facing enormous fines for tax evasion. You might also believe that hiring a tax lawyer is suitable for those looking to dispute the amount of taxes they reasonably owe.

While the above are true to an extent, there are many more individuals who could use the professional knowledge, experience, and representation of a tax attorney in Sacramento. The system of taxation in America, as well as on the state and local levels, is almost intentionally complex, full of legalese that anyone but a legal expert or IRS employee would find confusing. Tax attorneys are available to help the general public–individuals that are both subject to and stumped by taxation–sift through the complexities and oddities of the tax system.

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The following is a list of scenarios in which you would be wise to seek the help of a legal professional specializing in the tax system:

  • You think you may have committed a serious tax error or omission.
  • You have been audited or are under investigation by the IRS.
  • You know that you have committed tax evasion or fraud.
  • You have been informed that you owe an enormous sum of money in taxes.
  • You disagree with a decision the IRS has made.
  • You need tax advice as a new or existing business owner.
  • You are confused by any aspect of filing your taxes.
  • You are developing an estate plan.
  • You need help with wage garnishment of owed funds.
  • You cannot afford the taxes that you owe.
  • You are unsure if your Social Security or disability insurance income is taxable.
  • You have questions about your tax refund and feel that you deserve a larger payment.

If you are any of the individuals listed above, then seek the services of a qualified and experienced tax lawyer. While various individuals claim to be able to provide tax assistance, it is important to ensure that you are seeking advice from actual professionals like us rather than paying a discounted, self-professed expert without a genuine legal education. With the assistance of a qualified legal professional, your tax issue, dispute, or question can be resolved promptly.

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