Tax Lawyer in Granite Bay

If you are having problems with tax debt and the IRS, a tax lawyer in Granite Bay can help. At Mutual Law Group, we have experienced taw lawyers who can help you deal with the IRS and relieve some of your overwhelming tax debt. For many people, tax debt can create a lot of stress on your finances. If you are in debt with taxes, you are probably struggling with other financial obligations as well. Once the IRS steps in and begins to collect on the tax debt, you might find yourself sinking lower and lower in your other debts. The lawyers at Mutual Law Group can help you to climb out of this harmful cycle by representing you with the IRS.

We Understand the IRS

One of the reasons why we are so successful is because we understand the IRS. We have worked with the IRS many times and for many years, so we know how they work. The policies and rules of the IRS are complex. It can be especially difficult to get relief from the IRS if you do not know how to go about it the right way. At Mutual Law Group, our Granite Bay tax attorney knows how to get results from the IRS. We know the ins and outs of their work and we know the laws about taxation. You need our experience to help you to get results when the IRS is involved.

Keep Your Wages

One of the hardest things you will have to face is wage garnishment. The IRS will demand a wage garnishment in order to pay off your tax debt. The IRS will require your employer to withhold a certain amount of pay from your paycheck and send it directly to the IRS instead. In other words, your hard-earned money never reaches your hands. For someone who is struggling to stay above your debts, this can be a crushing blow.  At Mutual Law Group, we work with you and the IRS to find a solution to relieve your tax debt while still helping you to retina your wages. Many people try to stop wage garnishment on their own, but it is nearly impossible to do without a knowledgeable lawyer’s help.

Protect Your Bank Account

Another method the IRS uses to pay your tax debt is to issue bank levies. This happens when your money has already come to you and you have already put it in your bank account. The IRS uses a bank levy to take money directly out of your account. The bank cannot stop this and neither can you. This is another situation where our tax lawyer in Granite Bay can step in to help. We want you to be able to keep your hard-earned money and pay off your debts, and we want to satisfy the IRS so they will not continue to make demands. If you need help paying off your tax debt and dealing with the IRS, give Mutual Law Group a call.

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