Do You Need Help with an IRS Bank Levy?

If you are dealing with an IRS bank levy, IRS tax levy, or IRS wage levy, then you need a reliable tax attorney on your side to provide the legal assistance you need to get through this process. We can help to protect your money with affordable legal representation that you can rely on. We understand the complexities of tax law and can help you understand your legal rights and the options available to you.

What Is an IRS Bank Levy?

A bank levy is one of the Internal Revenue Service’s most common tools to demand payment from a taxpayer. This occurs when the IRS begins seizing assets and funds directly from your bank account to help pay back-taxes owed. Your bank will hold funds that you have on deposit for twenty-one calendar days after a levy is served before turning over the money. Fortunately, our attorneys can help you file the proper paperwork and complete the process for an IRS bank levy release within a short period of time.

Release IRS Bank Levies Now

If your account has been frozen, we can quickly analyze your situation to determine the right steps to release IRS bank levies. This process can take some time, but rest assured that our attorneys will work tirelessly to help limit the damage and assist you in taking control of your finances again.

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