What Is an IRS Offer in Compromise?

The IRS offers a program known as the “offer in compromise,” which allows the IRS to come to an agreement with a taxpayer for a total payment that is less than the amount owed to the IRS. This allows the financially burdened taxpayer to pay only what they can afford and the IRS will forgive the remainder of the balance.

Pay the IRS Less than What You Owe

We can provide the assistance you need to settle with the IRS, so you can pay the IRS even less than what you owe. We have successfully negotiated hundreds of cases before the IRS and can even help to save clients up to hundreds of thousands of dollars on their tax obligations. Our firm in Roseville is diligent in only preparing and filing OIC’s that have a high chance of acceptance, so it is important that you contact us right away, so we can begin building the strongest case possible on your behalf in order for you to meet the Internal Revenue Service’s set of qualifications.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

Our experienced tax attorneys can complete the necessary paperwork and can get you through this process in as little time, and with as little stress as possible. Once you hire us, we can also conduct all future communication with the IRS on your behalf. This means that you may still receive notices, but we will respond to those notices and all future communication, so you do not have direct contact with the IRS any longer.

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