What Is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Wage Garnishment?

An IRS wage garnishment is a legal way for the IRS to demand payment on a tax obligation. When an individual has a large tax debt, the IRS can begin garnishing wages directly from the taxpayer’s paycheck. The IRS typically will contact the taxpayer’s employer to demand that they withhold a portion of the paycheck to help satisfy the taxpayer’s tax liability. This will continue until the tax amount owed, plus interest and penalties, are paid or settled. If a person is already facing financial problems, then this form of forced collection can be completely devastating.

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If you are facing tax issues, we can help you rest easy with affordable legal help in all IRS cases. We offer a number of solutions to help resolve IRS back-tax liabilities. An IRS wage garnishment is a serious issue and it is important that you have an experienced tax attorney on your side to ensure that we can achieve a successful IRS wage garnishment release.

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