IRS Tax Resolution Assistance

Mutual Law Group offers highly experienced tax lawyers who work to resolve IRS back tax liabilities. We can assist with a number of tax debt issues, including all of the following:

  • IRS Wage Garnishment Release
  • IRS Bank Levy Release
  • Offer in Compromise—Tax Settlement
  • IRS Currently Not Collectible Status
  • IRS Installment Agreements
  • 940/941 Payroll Tax Help

Can’t Afford to Pay the Taxes Owed?

If you have already filed your returns but do not have the money to pay the taxes owed, there are a number of options available. We can help you explore the options available to you and help you to determine if you qualify for tax relief, in order to find the best solution to meet your needs and goals.

How We Can Help

Although it is technically possible for a person to handle his or her own case, it can be nearly impossible to get through this difficult, confusing process on your own. An IRS representative does not have your best interests in mind; their goal is to collect the amount the IRS claims you owe, so it is not advisable to deal with them on your own. We can help you to understand your legal rights so you can get the best resolution possible for your tax liability.

IRS Tax Relief

Get help settling with the IRS with affordable legal help from an experienced IRS tax attorney. Contact your local Sacramento & Roseville tax attorney today to discuss your issues and the best resolution for you.

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